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What is OurDate

Welcome to OurDate! We are a platform designed to help you meet your match. Our main mission is to help you meet other singles through social gathering events including different types of activities. Some of our activities range from coffee to yoga and we are continuing to expand.

The concept is simple: by using the power of the internet, people can actually meet at events and participate in different activities. It is very common to know that online interactions aren't the same as meeting people in real life. We have realized this and focused on people to interact with in-person events and activities. We believe that increasing real-life experiences would drastically increase the odds of people being able to form relationships with each other.

Our CEO and founder, Dora Lohas, initially started UX research and wanted to create a solution related to online dating. Later on, through the realization that online dating has declined, we wanted to solve this issue by prioritizing a better way for people to meet online. OurDate aims to help people meet in person by creating social gathering events.

By creating a dating platform that enables people to meet at actual events, we are changing the online dating game. This dating format system is a great way to filter out scammers or fake profiles. Dora believes that creating this type of framework is the ultimate way to attract the right customers to the platform.

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