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3 Reasons Why Dating Apps Aren’t Working For You

Have you ever seen yourself constantly swiping right or just scrolling on dating apps?

The answer is most likely a big Yes!!!

Typical dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, or even Hinge are inefficient ways to spend your time. In today's article, we will discuss three specific reasons why dating apps are likely not working for you.

#1 80-20% Rule

According to statistics, 80% of women only find 20% of men attractive on their profile. In reality, it is even lower than that. This drastic shift in the level of attractiveness essentially means that online dating is purely a numbers game. For the majority of people, the numbers are definitely not in your favor. Viewing it like this would mean that online dating apps are one form of gambling, but with the costs of your ego and mental health on the line.

#2 Profiles Are The Issue

On most traditional dating apps, you are prompted to create a profile for your account. Your profile will serve as a way for people to see who you are and then make a decision by swiping for yes or no. This framework constitutes very similarly to the 80-20% rule. Therefore, it makes people make an instant decision if they want to match with you or not. The vast majority of men will likely get few matches, while the vast majority of women will get a ton of matches. This framework will cause issues in the dating game.

#3 Appears Like A Part-Time Job

You can spend a lot of time on dating apps creating your profile, swiping to get matches, and then starting a conversation and keeping this conversation. It is very time-consuming to just try to set up a meetup and create an in-person interaction with people. The low-scale rewards are very unlikely to happen as well. Even if you set up a date, there are high flaking chances by either party and this can make online dating seem nearly impossible. A big reason for this goes back to the 80-20 rule.

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