Transparent Matching

Focus on finding long-term compatibility matches, not making snap decisions based on appearance.


Dating Support

Dating can be hard, so we made sure to provide the resources needed to maintain a healthy dating lifestyle.


All-In-One Platform

If you're Single looking for a partner, or in a relationship looking to spice things up, we have dating ideas for you.


Safety First

Safety is our number one priority as we always strive to ensure a safe online dating environment for everyone.

Not Your Average Dating App

The Ourdate Way

Look Forward To Dating

Ourdate is an upcoming dating app that focuses on matching you with like-minded people and helps you set up the perfect date to make a genuine first-connection. With Ourdate, focus on building intimacy through shared, meaningful moments that factor in your busy schedule as a working professional.

Help Us Design For You!

To prepare for the launch of our app, Ourdate is looking for Singles to assist us in testing key features. We invite you to participate in a 30-minute Singles prototype chat!

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Date Like Never Before

We are going to wreck the dating scene with the help of a friendly, little Fox. From Matchmaking to Date Planning, we got you covered. Oh, and be ready to reserve Late Nights just for us. 😉